Aura Gdańsk, Spichrzów Island: 41 - 108sqm

  • Aura Gdańsk main advantages

    • Completed apartments and bookings for the 2nd stage!
    • Excellent location: in the city center, on the banks of Motława river, 8-minute walk from the Old Town, 700 meters from the SKM (Fast Urban Rail) station and close to the water tram stop
    • Full choice: from 26m
    • Security: the entry to the building through 3 entrances, constant monitoring of housing estate, high-quality security doors and large garages.
    • Everything at hand: range of shops and services at the ground floor
    • Rate of return (from the rental) 8-12% per annum
    • Large potential of value growth: WYSPA SPICHRZÓW has to become a showcase of Gdansk; the city has allocated 400 million zlotys for its development.
    • Gardens on the banks of the river (to the ground-floor apartments)
    • Bright, spacious kitchens
    • Large viewing windows and glazed walls with exit to the terrace
    • Underground parking

    Foundation stone celebration - watch the movie!

    Foundation stone celebration - watch the movie »

    Stage I - ready

    Currently on the offer there are mostly 2-rooms apartments (57sqm) and the apartment aproximately 70sqm that can easily be divided into 2 apartments. The project of this division you can see here »

    Stage II – under construction

    Full choice of small apartments: from 26,67sqm to 63,3sqm

    • 3 rooms from 52,68sqm
    • 2 rooms from 34,8sqm
    • 1 room from 26,67sqm

    Stage III – planned


    • Full range: from 27m2 to duplex apartments
    • The view of the river and greenery
    • Your own gardens to storey apartments
    • The bright, spacious kitchens
    • Large viewing windows
    • Glazed walls with exit to the terrace

    Excellent investment of capital: rate of return (from the rental) is 8-12% per annum.Company Apartinfo will arrange all the formalities related to the acquisition and maintenance of tenants.


    Aura Gdansk is located in the center of Gdansk - on the Spichrzów Island, on the bank of Motława River. Real estates located here have a high potential of value growth, as Gdansk city has allocated 400 million zlotys for Spichrzów Island development.

    Advantages of the location:

    • Viev on Motława River and its green banks
    • 8 minutes’ walk to the Old Town
    • 700 meters from SKM station. This line runs through Tri-City and in the future it will also reach the airport. (Route...)
    • Close to the water tram stop. Tram runs Motława River from May to September. (Route...)

    Spichrzów Island

    It has to become a showcase of Gdansk. Contest results for Spichrzów Island development were announced in March 2015 and local authorities decided to allocate there 400 million zlotys. There will be raised: hotels, shopping passages, as well as public square with restaurants, clubs and fitness centers. There is also planned modernization of Stągiewny Bridge and Długiego Pobrzeże, which will be connected by walking promenade with northern part of Spichrzów Island. The construction is going to start in 2017 read more.

    Modern office investments

    New office investments appear in the area around, where a number of potential tenants ofAura Gdańsk will work. That is a great news for Aura Gdansk investors, who expect high rate return from the rental. For instance: LPP company will raise new office buildings by the end of 2016 at Łąkowa Street. Office projects are created, by the way, at Reduta and Wyskok Streets.

    Everything at hand

    You can check all the shops, services and tourists attractions on the following maps.

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